Annotated Bibliography of Vietnam War Film Criticism

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Compiled by John K. McAskill, Systems Librarian, La Salle University

Annotated bibliography of Vietnam War film criticism


MacFadden, Patrick. “The jaundiced screen” Take one 1/1 (Sep-Oct 1966), p. 8-10.

[Film as war propaganda with reference to four unnamed North Vietnamese documentary films then circulating and To the shores of Hell which was made with U.S. Defence Dept. assistance]

“Propaganda and films about the war in Vietnam” Film comment 4/1 (fall 1966), p. 4-39.

[Visuals and narration from Viet Cong films; narration of Why Vietnam?; synopsis of The rising storm (Noi gio); production notes on Days of protest; introduction, narration and visuals of While brave men die]

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“Kill Cong” Nation 204 (Apr 10, 1967), p. 453.

[Hollywood’s loss of interest in the Vietnam War after The Green Berets]

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Madsen, Axel. “Big silence: the Vietnam War” Sight and sound 37/1 (winter 1967-68), p. 18-19.

[Discusses The Green berets and films in development]

___________. “Vietnam and the movies” Cinema 4/1 (spring 1968), p. 10-13.

[“Reflecting the visceral frustration of the American people over the conflict that no one wanted, the American cinema is sitting this one out.”. Discusses The Green berets, Loin de Vietnam, Vivre pour vivre, and a Samuel Fuller project called “The rifle”]

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Bayer, William. “Films in Vietnam” Film comment 5/2 (spring 1969), p. 46-80.

[Series of interviews of an anonymous former film officer with the USIS who spent two years in Vietnam. He describes USIA/USIA and South Vietnamese propaganda films, the National Motion Picture Center of South Vietnam, NLF films, etc. See also Bayer (1970)]

“Films from North Vietnam and the NLF” Film comment 5/2 (spring 1969), p. 85.

[Titles and descriptions]

Hitchens, Gordon R. “Filmmaking under the bomb” Film comment 5/2 (spring 1969), p. 86-7.

[Discussion with North Vietnamese and NLF filmmakers]

Penn, Stanley. “Focusing on youth: A new breed of movie attracts the young, shakes up Hollywood: Low cost films win raves: Dramas portray rebels’ battles against society” Wall Street journal (Nov 4, 1969), p. 1, 27.

[The success of Easy rider and Alice’s restaurant illustrate a new type of low-budget carefully crafted film bearing the stamp of an individual director or producer and tailored to a young audience. They tell stories small in scope but intense in drama and feature young, usually unknown, performers]

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