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In her seminal book, Worlds of Hurt: Reading the Literatures of Trauma, Dr. Kali Tal analyzes the relationships between individual trauma and cultural interpretation, with a focus on the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, and sexualized violence against women. To serve as evidence for both the theory and practical application of Dr. Tal’s arguments – as well as being a corollary to our own extensive collection on the Vietnam War – the Connelly Library has expanded the scope of Special Collections to include two new areas of study:

  • These two primarily print-based collections consist of nearly 2000 items including monographs, film, poetry, art, music, and fiction. The first collection concerns itself with representations of the Jewish Holocaust, its aftermath, and the nature of its witness communities, as well as the ways in which the actual event has become mythologized, re-envisioned, and commoditized to the public; the second collection deals with various kinds of traumatic issues such as childhood sexual abuse, rape, and incest.


    We have also begun collecting material on the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, operating on the belief that to build collections about issues currently in the media, it is best to begin while they are still occurring.

    For more information, or if you have any materials that you wish to contribute to the collections, please contact us.

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