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Powers" refers to competencies that enable students to learn, to think, and to communicate. With this course work, students will emerge from the core curriculum possessing a strong set of skills in reading, writing, oral communication, and mathematics. They will also learn how to use computer technology to aid their work in each of these areas. These competencies will be integrated in courses in all areas of the core, but will be taught directly in courses in Writing, Public Speaking, Mathematics, and Computer Science.


Frameworks of Scientific Understanding
"Frameworks of Scientific Understanding" refers to concepts and methods learned in courses in the natural and social sciences. In these courses students will become familiar with the scientific method and sharpen their understanding of the natural processes and the social developments, which shape the world in which we live. The "Frameworks of Scientific Understanding" category includes courses in Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics.


Patterns of Meaning
"Patterns of Meaning" refers to a set of capacities students must acquire to engage the moral, aesthetic, and spiritual significance of human events and achievements. Courses in the humanities (Religion, Philosophy, Literature, History, Fine Arts and Foreign Languages) will enable students to develop these capacities.