Core Curriculum
(for students enrolled at La Salle prior to the fall 2000 semester)

The University curriculum requires that students complete courses in five areas in order to receive their degree. Within these five areas you will need to complete a minimum of 38 courses and 120 credits. There are department and school restrictions associated with some of these requirements. Please consult your academic department for appropriate course selection.
1. Foundation: consists of nine courses:
ENG107** - College Writing I
ENG108 - College Writing II
ENG/LIT 150 - Literature
REL101/110/122 - Religion
PHL151/152 - Philosophy
ECN/POL/PSY/SOC - Social Science
HIS150 - Global History
CSC151/152** - Computer Science
  **course may be waived
2. Core I: consists of six courses:
Core IA: 3 courses in Religion and Philosophy.
(Two in one subject, one in the other. Courses must be at the 200+ level.)
    Core IB: a sequence of three courses in History (American or European), Fine Arts: Art or Music, Foreign Languages, or Literature.
3. Core II: consists of two courses:
    Selected courses in Social Science, History, Fine Arts, Literature, Foreign Languages. (Look for a Core designation beneath course descriptions in the University Catalog.) A list is also available in the Dean's Office.
4. Major:
    The number of courses will depend on the selected major. Usually between 12 - 15 courses. Consult your academic department and the University Catalog.
5. Electives:
The number of free electives will depend upon your selected major and any foundation waivers (i.e. ENG107 - College Writing I; CSC151 - Introduction to Computer Packages.)