Catholic Studies Minor
Coordinated by: Joseph Dougherty, F.S.C, Religion Department

Catholic Studies minors must take a minimum of six courses - no more than two may be at the introductory (100) level; at least two must be at the advanced level (300 or 400) level; the rest may be at the intermediate (200) level.

At least one course must be chosen from among the listings in each of the religion and philosophy departments. Two other courses must be chosen from two other, separate disciplines, such as political science and art.

The final requirement is enrollment in the Capstone Course. This independent study under the guidance of one member of the faculty may be research, a report on experience, or artistic work. While the work is independent, students and their faculty mentors will meet occasionally throughout the semester. This course earns three credits.

Usual courses for this minor include the following; others may be added in consultation with the coordinator:
ART 151
ART 201
ART 202
ART 311
ART 312
ART 313
HIS 310
HIS 338
HIS 339 
HIS 440
PHL 267
PHL 309
PHL 327
Political Science
POL 260
REL 150
REL 214
REL 220
REL 223
REL 224
REL 225
REL 226
REL 250
REL 251
REL 353
Social Work
SWK 270