Women's Studies Minor
Directed by: Jacqueline Pastis, Ph.D., Religion Department
The Women's Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed for students of any major who wish to explore the rich diversity of women's lives and experiences by examining the influences of sex, race, ethnicity, and class on history and culture. Since the list of approved courses for the Women's Studies Minor changes, students are advised to consult the Director for current information. Women's Studies courses are listed at the beginning of each semester's Course Registration Booklet.
Six courses are required for the Women's Studies minor: WST 201 and 5 additional courses from at least 3 different disciplines from the following:
ART 210
Women and Art
CRJ 387
Gender, Crime and Justice
ENG 250
Writers and Their Worlds (specified sections)
ENG 302
Language and Prejudice
ENG 335
Women Writers
ENG 435
Women, Literature and
HIS 328
Women and History
HIS 329
The American Woman
HSC 434
Women's Health Concerns
PHL 330
The Great Philosophers: de Beauvoir
PHL 330
The Great Philosophers: Foucault
POL 311
Women in Politics
PSY 271
Psychology of Women
REL 241
Women and Western Religion
REL 316
The Bible and Women
SOC 260
Sex, Power, and Socialization
SOC 270
Sexism and the Law
WST 201
Introduction to Women's Studies

Using an interdisciplinary approach, this course examines the social construct of gender. It explores the multiplicity of women's voices and of women's histories as expressed through race, class, sexual identity, religious affiliation, and physical disability/ability and explores a range of issues that affect women's lives including work, health, education, family and sexuality.