OSHA for Faculty Review
La Salle University's School of Nursing and Health Sciences


  Please review the following two PowerPoint Presentations for the OSHA Faculty Orientation Post Test on OSHA Guidelines. You will also see a link to the test that you can download and mail to the Dean's Secretary at:
      School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Attn: Secretary of the Dean
LaSalle University
1900 W. Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141
La Salle University School of Nursing and Health Sciences Occupational & Safety Health Administration (OSHA) Orientation for Faculty
    (This presentation is 40 slides, please be patient while downloading.)
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Please go to the Web site and scroll down the page until you get to Guidance for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare Settings
  (This presentation can be viewed in PowerPoint and in the Adobe Reader.)
Download the test. Good Luck!
    (this is a .pdf document)