BSN and MSN Pin
La Salle University's School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Nursing Pin Order Form

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To wear the BSN or MSN pin of La Salle University's School of Nursing is a joyful proclamation of one's graduation from an educational organization with a proud history of academic excellence and a very bright future. Thousands of nursing's best and brightest proudly wear the La Salle pin as they engage in health care delivery in various ways in the United States and other countries. To share in the tradition of nursing pins and to obtain the appropriate La Salle University School of Nursing pin, please use the adjacent pin order form. Enjoy the symbolism and cherish your participation in the worldwide Lasallian educational mission.
Pinning is Tradition in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences

The pin of each School of Nursing is unique and only graduates of that school may wear the pin as a statement that they have completed the program. At the completion of the nursing program, the pin is "pinned" onto the graduate and then worn from that time as an indication of "their alma mater."

The ceremony is specific for the School of Nursing. It is a small gathering with only graduates, families and friends of the class in attendance. It is a wonderful way for those close to the graduate to share in this accomplishment. Those in attendance are able to take part in the completion of a long sought goal.