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Office of Student and Accounts Receivable
  What are the hours of the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable?
    The Office of Student and Accounts Receivable is open from 9:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. We can be reached by phone at (215) 951-1055. After 4:30pm, information can be requested from our voice message system. (Requests for a duplicate receipt, request for the deferred payment plan, payment for a course can be made by credit card, or a message can be left.)
  How can I pay my tuition?
    Payment can be made by cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, or American Express. If a student can not make payment in full then there is the option of La Salle’s Deferred Payment Plan.
  How does the Deferred Payment Plan work?
    The deferred payment program is for students who choose to pay their tuition in installments during the current semester. To participate a 25% down payment is required prior to the first day of classes along with a signed promissory note. There is a $20 application fee and interest is assessed at 1% per month on the average daily balance. To request further information please call 951-1055. After 4:30pm requests can be left on our voice mail system.
  Where do I deposit money to my Gold Card account?
    Deposits for a student’s Gold Card account are made through the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable. Deposits are accepted from 9:00am-3:00pm Monday through Friday. Deposits can be made by cash, check, or Mastercard, VISA, or American Express. Payments can be mailed to the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable or made in person. The deposited money will be available on the student’s Gold Card account the next business day.
Food Services
  If I will be living in a dorm will I be required to purchase a meal plan?
    Yes, all students that reside in a dorm are required to purchase on of the "required" meal plans.
  If I find that I do not like the meal plan that I have selected can I change it to another meal plan?
    Yes, first semester freshmen and transfer students can make their first meal plan change free. Any additional meal plan changes will be assessed a $25 fee.
  How do I know when the dining halls will be opened?
    The normal operating hours for Blue & Gold Dining Commons, the Food Court and Intermissions are posted in your Student Handbook. These operating hours sometimes change during the day before or after a semester break. Operating hours for these days are posted in the dining hall or you can contact the Food Service Office @ 951-1388.
  What happens if I run out of Special Food Account funds? Or what happens if I have Special Food Account funds left at the end of the semester?
    If you run out of Special Food Account funds prior to the end of a semester we would recommend that you use your Gold Card to make additional ala carte purchases. You cannot add funds to your Special Food Account if you run out prior to the end of a semester. Also, since meal plans are based upon a semester's usage, you cannot carry over Special Food Account funds from one semester to the next.
  Where can I find out information about the daily menu? Or what if I have a special dietary need?
    The menus are posted in each of the dining halls. You can also call the dining hall directly to ask for the daily menu. The telephone numbers are: Blue & Gold Dining 951-1740 Food Court & Intermissions 951-5020 If you have a special dietary need request to meet with the Director so that provisions can be made.
  Where can I find more information about the Food Services Department?
ID/Gold Card
  Where do I go to pick up my ID when I arrive on campus?
    If you are a freshmen and attended the PCCP program this summer then your ID picture was taken and an ID should be waiting for you at your dorm check-in site when you arrive on campus. If you are a transfer student or if you did not attend PCCP then you can obtain an ID at the ID/Gold Card Office located in the lower level of the Student Union Building.
  What capabilites does my ID provide?
    Obviously your ID serves to provide a proof of identification as a member of the La Salle community. Your La Salle ID also is used for meal plans, a library bar code, to access your residence hall as well as your Gold Card account.
  What happens if I lose my ID?
    You should report any lost or stolen ID to the ID/Gold Card Office immediately @ 951-1578. If the ID/Gold Card Office is closed then report it to Security @ 951-1300.
  What is a Gold Card and what can it do?
    Actually there is no such physical thing as a "Gold Card". Rather your University ID can be programmed to access a debit account that we call the "Gold Card". The Gold Card is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash in order to make purchases on campus. The Gold Card is accepted at all of the Food Service eating locations, the Campus Store, the Union Market, copiers in the Connelly Library, most vending and laundry machines, and you can use your Gold Card to make purchases at the Concession stand at home football games as well as at the Hayman Center for basketball games.
  How do I open a Gold Card account and how do I deposit more money into this account if I need it?
    You can open a Gold Card account by completing a Gold Card Application form and submitting the application along with a minimum initial deposit of $50 to the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable. Thereafter you can deposit any amount into your Gold Card account by completing a Gold Card account deposit form (available at the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable). Funds received by the Office of Student and Accounts Receivable will be available on your Gold Card account the following day.
  Where can I find more information about Gold Card Services?
Mail and Duplicating
  What time is the university morning mail both in-coming and inter-oofice avavialable for customer pick-up?
    10:00 AM daily, Monday through Friday.
  When does Federal Express and UPS arrive daily?
    Federal Express arrives by 10:30 AM. UPS arrives at 10:30 AM and is available by 11:30 AM daily. All other ocmmon carriers complete their deliveries by 1:00 PM daily. Those shipments are usually small and are available immediately.
  What is the turn around time for duplicating and printing?
    Usually the next business day for duplicating. Two business days for printing. Extended and more complicated projects will require more time. Rush jobs are judged by the nature of their content.
  Do you sell postage stamps?
    3:00 PM and 4:00 PM daily.
  What time does the out-going US mail leave La Salle University?
    3:00 PM and 4:00 PM daily.

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