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H. Appeals

1. The Motor Vehicle and Parking Appeals Board, hereafter referred to as the Board, will hear all appeals. This is a special purpose board designed to review appeals of citations for traffic and/or parking violations at La Salle University. When a citation for a traffic and/or parking violation is issued, the Security Officer will impose the proper fine according to the Traffic Control Policy. The violator may appeal such citations to the Board. The appeal must be submitted within ten (10) business days of the date of the violation.

a) Jurisdiction – The primary function of the Board is to hear and decide on appeals of citations for parking and traffic violations.
b) Membership – The Board shall be composed of at least three members of the Security Advisory Committee, called for such purpose by the Director of Security and Safety.

2. Procedures for Filing an Appeal
a) To be eligible to file an appeal the violator must pay all outstanding fines and an additional surcharge of $5.00. This must be done within ten (10) business days from the date of the violation. (Forms for this purpose are available at Security and Safety Headquarters.) The appellant must submit any violation notices in question and the cashier’s receipt, together with a written summary of his/her position in the case, to the Director of Security or his designee, who will review all such appeals and will have the authority to grant waivers of citations.

3. Procedures for the Processing of Appeals
a) An appeal to a fine not waived by the Director of Security and Safety will be forwarded to the Administrative Security Officer of the Board, who will schedule a hearing. The Board will meet during the academic year and at other special times as they so designate.
b) Each appellant will receive written notice of a time and a place of the hearing.
c) The appellant may request one postponement of the hearing by presenting the reasons for such a request to the Board in care of the Security and Safety Department.
d) The appellant must present the appeal in person. The decision of the Board will be made on the basis of information presented before the Board at the scheduled hearing.
e) The appellant shall have the right to call witnesses to testify on his/her behalf.
f) The administrative Security Officer who shall have the opportunity of questioning the person making the appeal and who shall assist the Board in its inquiry will present the facts of the case to the Board. The Board will accept written notice of the violation as evidence.
g) The Board may call witnesses who have relevant information for the case at hand.
h) Members of the Board that have a conflict of interest in the case shall not sit in judgment. The validity of alleged conflict shall be determined by a vote of the non-challenged members of the Board.
i) A Board hearing will be open only to the members of the Board (including the Administrative Security Officer) and the appellant. Witnesses will be allowed to be present only to give their testimony.
j) The Board will keep a written summary of all appeal proceedings. The Security Officer shall maintain these records.
k) Written notice of the action of the Board will be mailed to the person bringing about the appeal within a reasonable time.
l) All information relating to the case heard by the Board shall be confidential.
m) Decision of the Board shall be final and shall become effective immediately.
n) Appeals granted by Board will result in the refunding of the fine imposed for that violation, as well as, the $5.00 surcharge.

4. Annual Report
a) An annual report shall be prepared by the Security Advisory Committee in which recommendations concerning Traffic and Parking policies and regulations can be made. This report shall be forwarded to the Vice President for Finance and Administration .