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I. Permits for the Main Campus

1. Main Campus parking is limited (85 spaces) and by necessity must be restricted on a space available basis to those with the greatest need and in accordance with the below policy previously adopted by University council.

a) Permanently disabled faculty, staff, and students must display a current University parking permit, in addition to, an appropriate Disabled Person placard or license plate issued by a state authority.

b) Temporary handicap parking permits will be issued through the Security and Safety Department for those persons having a need. Permits issued under this classification shall be issued for the probable duration of the handicap or a period of time that will not exceed 90 days. A treating physician's documentation is required specifically requesting handicap parking.

c) Members of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.
d) Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs (Day and Evening) and Directors in:
Olney Hall
Benilde Hall
Holroyd Hall
La Salle Union
Wister Hall
Lawrence Administration
College Hall
McShain Hall

e) On a space-available basis to faculty and staff members with twenty-five (25) years or more of service. When space is deemed insufficient to accommodate all members of this group, permits will be issued in order of seniority within the group.
Revised February 2004

Section I(1)d – Definition of a “director” for the purpose of this section of the Traffic Control Policy and the eligibility to apply for a “main campus” parking permit the person must meet the following criteria.

1. S/he must be a full-time employee who directs all of the operations and activities of an official department of the University or to whom several official departments report and have the authorized title of Director, Chair, Dean, Assistant Vice President, Vice President, Provost, or President. If there is a question of an individual’s authorized title, the Director of Human Resources should be contacted.
2. S/he reports directly to the President at the Director level and above.
3. S/he cannot direct just a function, operation, program, or academic discipline/program within an official department.
4. S/he cannot direct only a type of a grant-funded research project, program, or activity.
5. S/he must supervise at least one regular full-time employee of the University.
6. The individual assigned by Barnes and Noble as the Manager of the Campus Store will be eligible to apply for an on-campus parking permit.
7. S/he cannot be an individual engaged in providing contractual services to the University.