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F. Rules and Regulations

1. Driving and Parking
a) The registrant is held responsible for any violation involving the registered vehicle when he/she is operating the vehicle or when the vehicle is being use by another individual.

2. Display of Parking Permit/Decals
a) Faculty/Staff and Student permits will be considered valid only when they are properly displayed on the interior rear view mirror of the vehicle so that they are readable from the outside.

b) Motorcycle, Moped, and bicycle decals should be affixed to an appropriate visible area on the vehicle.

3. Accidents and Disabled Vehicles
a) All vehicle accidents occurring on University property must be reported to Security and Safety Headquarters immediately. This report does not relieve the vehicle owner of the responsibilities of reporting to police as described in Pennsylvania vehicle law. All disabled vehicles must also be reported to the Security and Safety Headquarters immediately. The operator should return to the vehicle until a Security Officer arrives to determine if the vehicle will create a hazard. If it is considered a hazard, the operator must arrange to have it removed immediately. Flashing lights or notes left on a vehicle are not sufficient notice to the Security and Safety Department.

4. Fraudulent Registration

a) A person who obtains a University vehicle registration parking permit/decal in violation of these regulations, or who alters, uses, or displays it, shall be fined for fraudulent registration
($100) which includes but is not limited to:
1) Obtaining or using a permit of another person.
2) Permitting use of a parking permit to another person not entitled.
3) Altering and use of a University parking permit.
4) Multiple vehicle registrations for the same period except as authorized within these regulations.
5) Registering a vehicle, which is to be used by and for a person not authorized for such registration.
6) Display or use of a University registration permit on a vehicle other than the vehicle registered.
7) Use of a visitor permit by faculty, staff, or student except as authorized by the Security and Safety Office. Any alteration of a visitor permit also constitutes fraudulent registration.