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G. Violations

1. Minor Violations
a) Failure to display parking permit/decal as directed
b) Failure to conform to posted signs
c) Not conforming to indicated traffic flow
d) Not parking fully within or into the space selected
e) Failure to submit or update essential information on the parking application
f) Parking or driving on grass, walkways, or sidewalks
g) Parking on roadways or in driveways
h) Excessive noise (loud muffler, horn blowing, etc.)
i) Obstructing traffic or another vehicle
j) Parking in an unauthorized lot or space
k) Motor vehicles (including motorcycles) inside unauthorized buildings.

2. Major violations
a) Leaving the scene of an accident
b) Parking in a posted fire lane
c) Blocking or parking at a fire hydrant
d) Blocking or parking under a fire escape or exit
e) Failure to stop for Security Officer
f) Driving or parking on any athletic recreation field
g) Parking on La Salle University property with out authorization
h) Fraudulent registration or use of a permit ($100.00 )
i) Failure to obey the Parking Officer in the execution of his/her duties
j) Failure to give pedestrians the right of way
k) Careless and/or reckless driving
l) Blocking a loading dock
m) Parking in Handicap Space