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Printing Policy in Student Labs and Classrooms
Until now, La Salle has been one of the few universities that does not charge students to use its printers. However, the expense to support printing in the student labs has risen dramatically in the last several years. Much of this expense is due to waste and a small percentage of students who abuse the printing privileges. La Salle intends to continue to offer printing as a free service. In order to do so, a limit is being placed on the number of pages that a student may print each semester.
At the start of each semester the balance in each student’s printer usage account will be reset to $40. Each black and white printed page will cost 10 cents. Color copies are currently not available. Effectively, students will have 400 free black and white printed pages per semester. Double-sided printed pages will count as a single page. Please note that printers that support duplex printing are set to default to double-side printing.
When students print from an application, the print job will not automatically execute. It will be paused in the print queue and a message will appear on-screen with an account balance displayed. At this point, an option will be presented to print or cancel the print job. On most computers, the remaining balance will appear after the pages have printed.
Based on prior usage statistics, 80 % of the student population currently prints less than 400 pages per semester, and will be unaffected by this limitation. Students who wish to print more than 400 pages will be able to do so by purchasing additional credit. Users may deposit funds into their account at any time. For those who do want to purchase additional printing capacity, you must go to the Bursar’s Office and make a payment into the Student Printer Usage Account. You may deposit any amount into this account. The Bursar’s Office will give you a receipt. At the end of each day the Bursar’s Office will send a report of the accounts to be credited to the Information Technology Department. Your account will be credited by the end of the next business day. Balances will not carry over to the next semester when the accounts are reset.
This policy has been put into place to enable us to continue to offer free printing services to the majority of our students, and to encourage conservation of paper and consumables. Any questions may be directed to