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La Salle University Master of Science in Nursing
Nursing Informatics - Course Descriptions

NUR 512
Introduction to Nursing Informatics (3 Credits)
This course focuses on understanding the fundamentals of computer systems and how they might be applied to support nursing and health care administration. It emphasizes the use of computer applications software for Internet research as well as data analysis and reporting. Content incorporates theoretical and “hands-on” exposure to word processing, spreadsheet, database management, presentations graphics, electronic mail, and web page authoring. Basic knowledge of computers and Windows environment is required for this course.

NUR 522
Networks and Databases (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the incorporation of informatics in healthcare project design and management. Content addressing theoretical and “hands-on” exposure to database utilization, network design, and software designed for project management and evaluation as well as database creation, implementation, and network interface. Prerequisite: NUR 512

CIS 610
Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues in Computing (3 Credits)
Privacy both on and off-line; legal background of intellectual property and email; cryptography and encryption; attacks on computer systems; effects of the September 11 attacks; ethics and codes of ethics; effects of computers on work and society; responsibilities and risks of computing; accuracy of information.
Prerequisites: NUR 512 and NUR 522

MIS 710
Information Systems Analysis and Design (3 Credits)

This course is about structured analysis and design methodology for systems development using Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE). Students become familiar with data and process specification techniques such as Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Structure Diagrams, Physical and Logical Data Flow Diagrams, and Data Dictionary by working on a systems development project within an interdisciplinary group. Prerequisite: NUR 512 and NUR 522

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