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One of the greatest assets of La Salle University is our home in the city of Philadelphia. Located on the east coast of the U.S., Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the entire country. A short subway ride away from campus - six miles (9.7 kilometers) and fifteen minutes - is all that separates you and downtown Philadelphia! La Salle students are constantly heading to center city for projects and class assignments, internship and co-ops, and mostly, just for fun!

Philadelphia, also known as “The City of Brotherly Love,” is a melting-pot metropolis with endless activities for visitors and residents. Whether you enjoy shopping, visiting over 100 museums or local galleries, attending the theater, opera or ballet, dining out in more restaurants per capita than anywhere in the world, participating in cultural celebrations, film festivals or poetry readings, there is always something going on in the city of Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is a great place to be a student, especially an international university student. With over 80 colleges and universities in the region, you'll be one of 100,000 students, just like you, exploring the city, the country, and the culture. You can connect with other students and people from your home country who can help you get used to your home away from home. Furthermore, you can experience all the cultures of the world; especially our own unique Philly culture that includes cheese steaks, Mummers, and the "Iggles"…you'll understand when you get here!

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What's the Weather like in Philadelphia?

The weather in Philadelphia is similar to other mid-Atlantic cities. You'll experience all four seasons during an academic year, starting with Autumn (Sept-Nov.), bringing temperatures from 50-75 F (10-24 C) Winter (Dec.-Feb.) follows with temperatures ranging from 25-45 F (-4- 7 C), not to mention the snow that will fall. It starts to get warmer in Spring (Mar.-May) when temperatures rise to between 35-60 F (1.6-15 C). Finally, Summer (Jun-Aug.) brings the heat and humidity when temperatures from 75-100 F (24-37.8 C) are normal.