The Explorer Ambassador Program was designed to promote La Salle University, its interests, goals, and traditions, to students, parents, alumni, and friends of the University. Student Ambassadors help these various groups remain connected to La Salle by functioning as liaisons. The Explorer Ambassadors will represent La Salle at university functions including alumni receptions, homecoming, reunions, Parents' Weekend, and other special events designated by the Ambassador Executive Board. They are committed to the proposition that students’ involvement in and support of La Salle University should not end with graduation.

Please complete this application and send recommendations no later than Friday, March 1, 2013 by 4:00 p.m.

Class Year:
Address 2:
Campus Address:
Home or Cell Phone #: . .
Campus Phone Ext. #:
My two recommendations are coming from:
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Why do you want to become a La Salle Ambassador and what do you think you will gain from the experience?
After reading the Ambassador Mission Statement and Roles
(on our website), how do you feel you would complement the organization?
Please provide an example that demonstrates the characteristics you used to describe yourself in your previous answer/tell us about a specific situation that explains the kind of Ambassador you would be.
How would you handle the following scenario?
You are an Ambassador working at an off–campus alumni reception talking to an alum who mentions they haven’t been back to campus in more than five years. What would you tell them about?
On a scale of 1–5, how would you rate your La Salle experience? Please explain.
What’s your La Sallian story?
How would you react in the following scenario?
You are an Ambassador at a class dinner during Reunion Weekend, and alum approaches you to express their disappointment about a situation going on at La Salle. (something is going on that they view as negative) You don’t know much about the situation and have to think on your feet. How do you respond?
Please list all of the organizations and extra–curricular activities that you have been involved in at La Salle University
(include sports, clubs, internships, co–ops, jobs, etc.).
Please list the dates when you were part of the group and any offices or leadership positions that you held. If applicable please also add any activities you are currently involved in off campus.
I understand the responsibilities and time commitment of becoming a member of the La Salle Ambassador Program and I agree to become a committed member of the group should I be asked to join and accept.

Applicants will be notified by the week of March 10th to schedule an interview. Interviews will be conducted on Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24 in the Conference Room on the 5th Floor of Benilde Tower, Room 5011. In order to apply for Ambassadors, you must be available to interview during one of these three days. If for some reason you are unavailable to interview that weekend, please indicate that when submitting your application so alternate arrangements can be made in advance.