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Below is a list of frequently asked questions from alumni, parents, friends, corporate leaders, and students about The La Salle Fund. Feel free to contact a Development staff member directly or call our main number at 215.951.1539 if you need further assistance.

  1. Does my gift really make a difference?

    Every gift to the University makes a difference. Gifts to the La Salle Fund range from $10 to more than $10,000. Participation from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and students at all gift levels, no matter the amount, demonstrates endorsement by the La Salle community for the many exciting initiatives taking place at our great University.

  2. Where exactly does my gift to The La Salle Fund go?

    The La Salle Fund assists with the following University goals:

    • to provide educational opportunities and resources for the economically and educationally disadvantaged
    • to recruit and retain qualified students, while at the same time striving to attract a more diverse student body: socially, geographically, and economically
    • to maintain a fiscal policy which allows the University to attract students from modest income levels
    • to maintain class sizes small enough to promote active student participation and a close working relationship between students and faculty
    • to provide quality support services that assist the learning process

    Remember, our strength is your strength. As La Salle grows in strength so does the value of your degree. Your degree will reflect a University with an outstanding reputation.

  3. How often should I expect to be contacted by The La Salle Fund?

    La Salle University’s fiscal year begins June 1 and concludes on May 31.

    We reach out to alumni, parents, and friends through letters, phone calls, andemails to encourage their lasting connection and involvement with La Salle.

  4. I already gave this year, why are you contacting me again?

    In many cases, an individual may have given in the spring, which means they gave during the current calendar year, but not in the new fiscal year which began on June 1st. Since we have kicked off a new campaign, we are most likely seeking your renewed support. If you like, we can take a pledge now and send a reminder at your convenience. We also like to keep ouralums connected to the University by reading the messages our students, faculty and alumni have written. We don't expect you to reply to every communication or solicitation, we just want you to feel informed.

  5. Is giving money the only way to be involved with La Salle?

    Making a gift each year is one of the many ways to stay involved with your alma mater. Your participation makes a hugedifference. You can also stay involved/informed in the following ways:

    Update yourself by reading the quarterly magazine and alumni newsletters, attend alumni events on campus or through regional chapter programs, and log onto the alumni portal. There are numerous volunteer opportunities as well, including class committees, career networking, and recruiting prospective students in your area, serving on the Alumni Board of Directors, Council of President's Associates, and advisory boards of the various majors.

  6. If I cannot make a gift right now, what are my options?

    You can very easily make a pledge now, and then request that the University remind you or charge your credit card at a specific time in the future. The La Salle Fund campaign runs from June 1 through May 31.Making a pledge gives you the opportunity to distribute your payments throughout the year, allowing you to consider a larger gift to the La Salle Fund.

  7. I am celebrating my reunion this year. Will my gift to The La Salle Fund Gift count in the Reunion Giving Program?

    Yes. The Reunion Giving program encourages alumni celebrating reunions to make a special unrestricted annual gifts to La Salle University. A special gift is defined as one larger than you may usually make to The La Salle Fund.

  8. How will my gift be recognized?

    You will first receive a receipt confirming your gift for tax purposes. Each fall, we publish our Honor Roll of Donors, which summarizes the results of the previous year's campaign and lists all donors to the University. Your name will be included on listings of donors from your class at various points during the year. The Honor Roll of Donors is published onlineon the development website.

  9. What is the most convenient way to make a gift?

    Online, of course! La Salle's website is a fast, accurate and secureway ofmaking gifts to the La Salle Fund. The gift will be processed quickly and a receipt will be forwarded. While online, you can also read all of the available alumni news and services.

    Taking a call this fall from one of our Student Phonathon callers is another way to give. La Salle’s Student Phonathon begins in September. By speaking with a student, you can make your gift on the phone using your credit card or make a pledge and schedule a payment. In addition, it's a wonderful way to receive some personal updates on La Salle and ask any questions you may have.

    Also, you can returning one of our mailings with a check, credit card, or money order. The La Salle Fund address is: 1900 W. Olney Avenue, Box 809, Philadelphia, PA 19141.

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our Development Staff, please feel free to call us at 215.951.1540.

  10. What is a matching gift?

    A matching gift is a contribution to La Salle University by your employer. If your organization has a Matching Gift Program, then they will match, or possibly exceed, your annual gift to La Salle. This is a unique way for some donors to increase the impact of their personal gift. Each company accepts requests for a matching gift differently -- some require a form, others have an 800 number, and some have an online form. Once you complete the form or make the call, La Salle will do the rest.

    Click here to see if your company has a matching gift program.

  11. I am interested in making a stock gift. Who do I need to contact and what do I have to do to get my gift recorded by the University?

    Instruct your broker or commercial banker to transfer the shares of stock directly into La Salle’s account at Fidelity Investments. Fidelity will sell the stock on your behalf and send a check for the proceeds to the University. Fidelity Investment’s telephone number is 1.800.544.8666. La Salle University’s account number is 147160563. The DTC number is 0226.

    Please send a copy of the instructions to La Salle and ask your broker to fax to La Salle the date of transfer; the high and low values on the date of transfer, and the number of shares transferred. This is important for your tax records. Our fax number is 215.951.1542.

    If the stock is in your possession, do not endorse the certificates. Mail unendorsed certificates by registered mail to Terry Travis, Assistant Vice-President for Development. Mail a stock or bond power (obtained from your broker or commercial banker) under separate cover to the same address. Sign the power and have the signature guaranteed by your broker or commercial banker, but do not fill in anything else. Enclose a letter of transmittal with the certificate and include a copy of the letter with the stock power.

    If the certificates are already endorsed, send them by registered mail to:
    Terry Travis, Assistant Vice-President for Development
    1900 W. Olney Ave.
    Box 809
    Philadelphia, PA 19141

    If you would like a representative from the Development Office to pick up the documents, please contact the Development Office at 215.951.1540.

    You must let the University know your name and that you have completed a stock transaction so that we can properly record your gift and recognize you as a donor. Due to fiduciary regulations, investment firms are not legally allowed to tell us the names of stock donors so it is up to the individual donor to inform the University.

  12. What is La Salle University’s tax identification number?

    La Salle’s tax ID number is 23-1352654.