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Every semester, a team of about 40 La Salle students unite to call about 10,000 alumni, family and friends of La Salle University. The calling begins in late August each year and continues through May, with the exception of winter and spring breaks.

Our Students are calling to check that the university has your accurate contact information. They are also looking to provide you with updated campus news and event information.

Last but not least, our students will be asking for your support of The La Salle Fund. Each caller will use their own unique approach to convey the importance of your participation in The La Salle Fund to our students and our university. Many of our callers are able to attend La Salle because of the Scholarships they receive thanks to alumni support of The La Salle Fund. Last year, the Phonathon raised almost $110,000 for The La Salle Fund. The goal for this year is to raise $115,000+ in honor of La Salle University’s 150th Anniversary.

Did you already receive a call from one of our Phonathoners and commit to making a pledge over the phone? To fulfill your commitment and make your gift now click here:

Click Here to Make a Gift

ALUMNI AND PARENTS: We highly encourage you to strike up conversations with our Phonathon Callers! When you hear from the La Salle University Phonathon, go ahead and ask the student caller if they’ve ever had your favorite professor or Brother. Ask how the season is shaping up for your favorite Explorer team, or if taking the stairs in Wister Hall is still a major workout. They’ll make sure to give you the latest Explorer news and THANK YOU for your continued support of The La Salle Fund.

STUDENTS: Are you interested in working for the La Salle Student Phonathon? Being involved with the Phonathon is one of the most lucrative student positions on campus. Callers are able to develop their interpersonal skills and network with a diverse group of La Salle’s constituents. Flexible scheduling allows students to work around classes and activities. Student calling positions are usually available at the beginning of each semester or when otherwise posted. Both budget and work study positions are available.

To complete an application, please click here.

Please contact or call 215-951-1511 with any questions.