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President's Cup Charter Dinner
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Class Year:
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La Salle University ID Number:
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You must work at least two shifts per week to maintain employment with the Phonathon. Shifts are held Sunday thru Thursday from 6-9pm, with an additional shift from 1:30-4:30 pm on Sunday. Can you work at least two of these shifts?
Do you have any previous telemarketing or fundraising experience?
As a part of this position, you will be holding extended phone conversations with alumni, parents, and friends of La Salle University. Do you feel comfortable holding phone conversations with complete strangers?
You will also be expected to ask alumni, parents and friends of the University for financial gifts to The La Salle Fund. Do you feel comfortable doing so?
Please answer questions in the space provided below
Please list any previous fundraising, Phonathon, telemarketing, or volunteer experience that you may have:
Are you currently, or do you plan to be, involved with any campus activities? If so, what are they and how many hours per week are you involved with them?
Why would you like to work for the La Salle Phonathon?
Finish the following statement: Alumni and parents give back to The La Salle Fund because…
You have just received a scholarship from a donor. Please provide a sample “thank you” note expressing your gratitutde.
What skills, experiences, or qualifications do you have that you believe will benefit you as a fundraiser for La Salle University?
Please feel free to provide us with any further information about yourself that will help us reach a decision.
Lastly, were you referred by a caller? If so, please write their name below.