Parents Association

In honor of their legacy at La Salle University, the following graduates from the Class of 2014 have been recognized by their proud parents and/or families with a Senior Legacy gift. The gifts that have been made in the graduates’ names will support the University’s tradition of academic excellence and Lasallian values, which define our newest alumni and will be carried into future generations of Explorers.

The perfect gift for the graduate of the Class of 2014 – Honor Your Student’s Legacy at La Salle University by making a donation in their name and class year. Collective gifts of $20.14 from parents and families will make a profound impact to the Parents’ Fund while recognizing your graduate’s academic achievement.

Please visit www.lasalle.edu/makeagift and continue the Lasallian tradition. Be sure to enter your graduate's name in the comment section.

Gift made by: In Honor of:
Deborah (Granville) and Joseph J. Aiken Jr. Kerri Lynn Aiken
Anna Melnyk Allen '80 and William N. Allen '77 William Andrew Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Almerini Joseph R Almerini
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Aros Sr. Maryanne Elizabeth Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. William Asimos Jr. Brittany Nicole Asimos
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bachurski Jill M Bachurski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Baeringer Joseph Baeringer
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper A. Barretta Heather Leigh Barretta
Anne Marie and Aston E. Bell Sr. Aston E Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw A. Bielen Adam X Bielen
The Binko Family John P Binko
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Bixler Gina Bixler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bolger Jr. Robert E Bolger and
Sean P Bolger
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward S. Bousquet Benjamin W Bousquet
Mr. Michael F. Bowers Daniel M Bowers
Ms. Roberta A. Bradley Alexis V Stinger
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brennan James Denis Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bronstein Briana M Bronstein
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle T. Brooks Devin Alicia Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brostowicz Rebecca Brostowicz
Ms. Margaret (Nelson) Buck Catherine F Buck
Elsa Cabrera Cameron Mitchell Cabrera
Peter and Elizabeth Calvo Salvatore S Calvo
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Cammarata Jaclyn Cammarata
Paul M. and Anne Marie Carberry Therese Anne Rosemary Carberry
Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Carbone Anthony Thomas Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Cherry Adam S Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Comberiate David C Comberiate
Ms. Diane Cooper Kenneth H Cooper
David S. and Eileen M. Costa Jacquelyn Ann Costa
Daniel J. DeMasi Class of 1975 Rachel Elizabeth DeMasi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Devine Steven F Devine
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. DiPlacido Elizabeth M DiPlacido
Mr. Robert C. Dunne Paul Andrew Dunne
John and Cynthia Eder Lily V Eder
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique G. Enriquez Erick Julian Enriquez
Robert J. Fanning Maureen A Fanning
Mr. Joseph R. Fares Matthew A Fares
Ms. Anna M. (Dolnycky) Fat Gregory P Fat
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel B. Fay Molly Eileen Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Fischer Greg Harrison Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Ford Heather R Ford
Kathleen D. Forster Mackenzie Julia Forster
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick F. Froio Caitlin Rose Froio and
Tessa Marie Froio
Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo P. Gaudite Carmelo C Gaudite
Richard and Karen Gibbons Molly T Gibbons
Ms. Lorriane Gradel Christine Marie Gradel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Haaga Madeline Marie Haaga
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Haas Sarah A Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Hannings Shauna M. Hannings
Ms. Gaye L. Harley Sarah Elizabeth Harley
Mr. Michael D. Hollman Shane Austin Hollman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Horgan Jr. Thomas Francis Horgan
Joanne (Swift) Hummel, M.D. Katherine Emig Hummel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hutton Lauren R Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Jacobs Andrea L Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Judge, Sr. Matthew E Judge
Jerry Kanefsky Sarah Margaret Kanefsky
Mary Ellen and Robert C. King Robert M King
Bernadette Kirkpatrick Katherine A Young
Ms. Deborah R. Lord Erin R Kennedy
Ms. Juliette Louis-Jean Melissa Louis-Jean
Mrs. Andrea n. Lundy Patrick J Lundy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Macey Jessica Nicole Macey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Maher Meghan Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Maida Melanie L Maida
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mannix Brian M Mannix
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Marina Chelsea R Marina
William P. Marshall Kelsey Grace Marshall
Barbara Mas (Onix A Perez-Mas, 2014) Onix Alexander Perez-Mas
Joseph W. and Marie (Orfeo) Matera Nicholas Joseph Matera
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McFadden Ulrick Taylor McFadden
Ms. Carol L. Niemiec Courtney L Niemiec
Ms. Arnita A. Outlaw Garry G Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Penix Troy Stephon Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Pickett Jacqueline Frances Pickett
Thomas F. Pyle Jr. Laura Stephens Bruemmer
Ms. Cynthia S. Ragen Lindsey Nicole Ragen
Janene P. and Franklin J. Raisman Jillian Arlene Raisman
Ms. Kathleen J. (Dobbins) McGettigan Mary K McGettigan
Eileen McLaughlin Gavin T McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McTamney Jaclyne Marie McTamney
Mrs. Michelina (Siravo) Moffa Andrea P Moffa
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Monzi Peter Monzi
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Morun Michael Morun
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Pestridge Alex John Pestridge
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rodzewich Sarah N Rodzewich
Ms. Karen A. (Lawlor) Rossi Megan Elizabeth Rossi
Don Rongione '79 Maryallen Kueny '79 Justin Kueny-Rongione
Ron/Lisa Rumer Christopher Jordan Rumer
Alfonso M. Salazar, Esq. Elizabeth Marie Salazar
Ms. Iris Sanchez Brian Joseph Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Sauter Michael P Sauter
Jo-Ann L. (Murray) Schluckebier Matthew Francis Schluckebier
Margaret Seiler-Brand Colleen E Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Sgroi Dominic S Sgroi
Ms. Tracey A. Smith George Robert Smith
Barbara A. and Walter J. Smith Demi E Smith
Cynthia J. and Michael D. Sullivan Tyler M Sullivan
Ms. Danielle M. (Miller) Swisher Jillian E Swisher
Rob and Mary Sykes Meaghan M Sykes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Szyszkiewicz Stephen Eric Szyszkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Bundit Tappitake Maggie Tappitake
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Taylor Kelly Ann Taylor
Anne (Galasso) and Jim Templeton Jr. Mary E Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo F. Terrigno Vittorio Romeo Terrigno
Ms. Maria F. Tovar Coreen M Ruiz
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Villari Alexandra Villari
Ms. Debra A. Ward-Strickland Taylor M Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wedge Phillip Sheldon Wedge
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Welling Ryan Douglas Welling
Drs. Zane R. and Charles J. Wolf III Zana Cecelia Wolf
Ms. Gina Ziegler Sarah Jean Ziegler