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2015-2016 LADDER Family Center Workshops

Each monthly workshop is held from 11am – 1pm in Room 225 St. Benilde/ Center Tower on the West Campus of La Salle University.  Lunch is always provided!  Specific Workshop announcements will be posted each month.  We hope you can join us!

Please RSVP to or call 215.991.2945


Workshop Topic


September 17th

"Helping Your Child Navigate Boundaries & Establish Healthy Relationships"

Icylee Basketbill

October 15th

"Successful Transition for Your Child"

Clarity Service Group; Beth Garrison

November 5th

"Challenges in Adulthood"

Anthony Moffa

December 3rd

"A Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Perspective"

LADDER MFT & Social Work Interns

TUESDAY January 19th
5:00PM at Hill Freedman
(6200 Crittenden Street)



February 18th

"Grandparents: Surviving & Thriving"

Icylee Basketbill & Sonia Voynow; Surviving & Thriving

March 3rd

"What's Next: Life After School"


April 21st

"Safety Issues from a First Responder's Perspective"

First Responders

 TUESDAY May 17th
5:00PM at Hill Freedman
(6200 Crittenden Street)

"Be Safe – The Movie"