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A partial list of existing partners La Salle has already identified and begun to develop cooperative programming with to serve families impacted by ASD:

Bankbridge Development Center
An all comprehensive site from early intervention through 21 years of age with an emphasis on ASD and low incidence disabilities.

Foundations Behavioral Health
A residential treatment facility for adolescents, not all of whom have ASD, but some likely do; this facility also has a full-time school for adolescents with special needs

Greentree Academy
Provides quality educational services for students with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities, and autism at their Germantown campus and is co-hosting a conference with La Salle in the spring of 2009 focused on ASD: Perspectives on Transitions

Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy
a comprehensive center for youngsters and adults with a variety of special needs to provide art, music and movement therapy

La Salle University Step Up Program
an outpatient mental health program for adults with mental retardation and comorbid sexual behavior problems; although not common for this program, at least one client has been diagnosed with ASD.

Melmark Services
a comprehensive multi-service agency, provides residential, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Prince Hall Elementary School
a Philadelphia public school located in the Northwest section of Philadelphia

Resources for Human Development Children's Services
addresses the autism spectrum and other mental health disorders through outpatient and school-based services

Widener Memorial School
a Philadelphia public school specializing in exceptional programs for students with physical and medical challenges