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Generous Grant Helps
LADDER Family Center

Robert Mack

Robert Mack

A $100,000 grant from the Widener Foundation in Aid to Handicapped Children has helped the La Salle Autism and Developmental Disabilities Education Resources (LADDER) Family Center open its doors on the University's West Campus this spring.

The Center is an interdisciplinary initiative that supports children in the community who have autism or other developmental disabilities, as well as their families. The Widener Foundation, led by President Edith R. Dixon, has supported the children and community of the Widener Memorial School in Philadelphia and other organizations that support disabled children for several decades, according to Robert Mack, Associate Director of the Center.

The grant will provide the Center with renovation costs, materials, equipment, supplies, and marketing support, Mack said. The completely renovated facilities on West Campus will include a children's center, counseling and therapy rooms, professional development center, and parent waiting area.

The Center already collaborates with Widener Memorial School, which has dedicated its services to children with special needs since 1906. By working with Sharon Glodek, Principal of Widener Memorial School, the LADDER partnership has developed workshops for families who have children with disabilities on issues such as sibling support, literacy and math development, self-advocacy, and respite care.

"Our goal is to take a look at what specific families need and provide solutions," said Mack, who was principal at Widener Memorial School for 20 years.