Good advising is essential as you progress through your time here at La Salle.  It begins before you take your first class. All biology majors are assigned an academic adviser during the summer before the freshman year.  This faculty member is your academic adviser for your years as a biology major.  She or he is an important source person for you.  The biology curriculum will vary depending on the needs of the individual student.  Core courses and electives may be adjusted by taking into account the needs of the individual or course offerings in a particular semester.  This is where your adviser is a most important resource.  In addition to assisting with course choices, rostering, and the like, she or he may also be able to help with career considerations and assist in directing you to various campus resources.

In addition to your academic adviser, you may be assigned to, or informally develop, connections with, other faculty and/or administrators who will assist with specific career choices.  For those interested in medicine and health related fields, the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee provides advisement.  For students who are interested in allied health careers (e.g., physical therapy or occupational therapy), advisement is provided by the allied health adviser.  Those students interested in applying to graduate programs receive advisement from their academic adviser and/or other members of the biology faculty with experience in the student’s chosen field.

The Department Chairperson advises students with a biology minor or a life science minor.


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