Internships and Research


The Biology Department at La Salle University strives to give students the opportunity to perform directed research (Bio 480-481) under the mentorship of a faculty research adviser. The Department also has a strong tradition of supporting student research performed at the La Salle University campus or off-campus institutions. Students can elect to perform research for credit or on a volunteer basis. Credits will normally be awarded in the spring semester of the academic year that research is performed. Note that only one (1) section) of Biology Research (Bio 480) can count towards the B.S. degree requirements.

For qualified students a biology internship is available. Credit for Biological Internship (Bio. 460-461) can be given in the Fall or Spring Semester. Only one semester of Internship can count as a required biology course needed for the B.S. degree. Internships generally take place at off-campus institutions and facilities.

To be considered for the Biology Research or Biology Internship courses, the student must―

  • Have a minimum G.P.A. of a 2.80.
  • Identify a research or internship adviser/mentor.
  • Present a tentative research/internship proposal.
  • Get final approval from the Department Chair.
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