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La Salle Art Museum Hosts Exhibition Featuring Artwork by Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation Art Students

October 18, 2011

The La Salle University Art Museum is hosting an exhibition featuring artwork by Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation (PDDC) Cultural Art Center students. The exhibition is currently on view in the Art Museum’s Community Gallery until December 9.

The exhibition is a result of a Cultural Collaborations partnership between La Salle’s Art Museum and PDDC, a sister organization of The ARC of Philadelphia. Over the past year, Miranda Clark-Binder, curator of education for La Salle’s Art Museum, along with PDDC art teachers, educated the students about four art themes—portraits, cityscapes, abstract art, and stories in art.

“I started by showing the students a reproduction of a piece from our collection that represented one of the four themes. I would teach them about the different themes and art vocabulary,” said Clark-Binder. “Each student would then create their own interpretation of the theme.” Afterwards, the students visited La Salle where they were introduced to the Art Museum’s collection.

“Most of the people in our program have never received formal training in art, and so they create work in their own unique voice and free of traditional artistic conventions,” said Linda Price, associate director of the PDDC Cultural Arts Center. “Through the Cultural Collaborations program, these artists not only have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about art history, but also to put a name to many of the elements and techniques of art-making they already use in their creative process.”

The exhibition features 44 interpretations of artwork inspired by art found in La Salle’s Art Museum, which were created by PDDC students during the Cultural Collaborations partnership.

“Museum visits are such an important part of art education; I am thrilled that we were able to partner with PDDC Cultural Arts Center to add another layer to their art education programming,” said Clark-Binder. “It’s so exciting and rewarding for the students to see their artwork on display at the Art Museum—their hard work is very evident in this exhibition.”

The La Salle University Art Museum is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and weekends by appointment. Admission is free, although donations are accepted. For additional information about the Art Museum, please visit www.lasalle.edu/museum.

About La Salle’s Art Museum:

The La Salle University Art Museum began in 1965 as a study collection for the University’s art history majors. It opened in its current location, on the lower level of Olney Hall, in 1976.  The collection has grown as a result of acquisitions and donations from friends and collectors. The museum houses more than 4,000 objects and is currently the only university in the Philadelphia area to own a permanent display of paintings, drawings and sculptures from the Renaissance to the present. In 2007, thanks to a generous grant from the Connelly Foundation and with support from the University’s Brother Daniel Burke Endowment, the Museum began developing and implementing a K-12 Education and Community Outreach Program.


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