November 8, 2011

La Salle University Alums Establish Scholarship to Honor Their Father, Former Dean of the University’s School of Business

Two La Salle University alums have established a scholarship to honor their late father, who was Dean of the University’s School of Business for many years.

Mark MacLeod and Anne Shoemaker, who both majored in geology, have established the Bruce A. MacLeod Scholarship, to be given to students majoring in geology or environmental science at La Salle.

“It seemed fitting that we establish the scholarship in honor of our father as a way to give back to a University that gave us so much, and at the same time recognize our father who guided us through our lifelong educational journey,” said Mark MacLeod, a 1979 La Salle graduate. “Anne and I both got a great education at La Salle, and the fact that our father was a dean at the time was a key contributing factor to our decision to attend La Salle.”

Shoemaker said, “La Salle was a great experience for me—a gift.  I feel that it’s important to honor our dad in this way because education was so important to him and to us.” She graduated from La Salle in 1981.

Henry Bart, Chair of La Salle’s Department of Geology, Environmental Science and Physics, sent his former students an e-mail offering condolences when their father passed away in 2009.

“Mark and I renewed our friendship via e-mail.  He presented a very nice offer: he and Anne would contribute funds in their dad’s name and their respective employers would match it, and we could give a scholarship to some of our best students,” said Bart. “It’s always gratifying when graduates give back to help current students, to help the University continue to provide a great education.”

Two senior geology majors, Michael Cliggett and Alysia Korn, have received the scholarships.

While their father taught business, his children were intrigued with geology, partly, says MacLeod, because they had a relative who worked as a geologist.

“I was intrigued by geology for a number of reasons – the sense that some part of future work could be done outdoors, and we had a ‘cool’ uncle who was a geologist,” said MacLeod, who earned a master’s degree in geophysics from Stanford University.

“I also liked the sciences, and Mark’s interest in geology had an impact on me, when I came to La Salle two years later,” said Shoemaker. “Geology was fun because of the field trips, but also because of the problem solving aspect of it:  you can attempt to piece together the geologic history of an area by looking at the rocks on a small and larger scale. This type of problem solving is something that I still do in my current job as a reservoir geophysicist. The Geology classes at La Salle were very ‘hands on’ and taught by professors who really had a passion for their work.” She later earned a Master’s degree in geophysics from Penn State University.

Their father, Bruce MacLeod, began his career at La Salle as an Assistant Professor of Management in 1962, and was promoted to Associate Professor in the Management Department in 1971. In 1969, he was appointed Acting Dean of the School of Business Administration, and was named Dean in the summer of 1970. During his tenure as Dean, he was instrumental in development of the University’s MBA program and helped the School achieve its accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). His contributions to La Salle were recognized via his induction into the Alpha Epsilon Honor Society in 1971. He died on December 16, 2009.

“Our father was extremely devoted to La Salle. He worked countless hours both at La Salle and at home,” said Mark MacLeod. “I remember his passion for gaining accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation for the Business school – and only about 20 percent of business schools in the United States receive this accreditation.

“He was a sage advisor on learning in general and positioning for a future career. He instilled in us a strong work ethic. And, he was proud of both of us and strongly supported us pursuing science degrees at La Salle,” he added.

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