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La Salle University Communication Major Daniel Kurish Receives Harry Kalas Award from the Philadelphia Phillies

September 4, 2012

Sitting in his room in Arizona and watching the Phillies play the final game of the 2007 season had a major impact on Daniel Kurish. Listening to the voice of legendary announcer Harry Kalas call the final out and declare the Phillies the National League East Division winners, Kurish realized he wanted to be a broadcaster. Recently, the La Salle University senior communication major received the Harry Kalas Award, a scholarship for aspiring broadcasters. He was presented the award on the playing field at Citizens Bank Park by Phillies’ broadcaster Gary Matthews.

“The experience was unreal. The award was something that has been a goal of mine since it began and to achieve that goal was something that I honestly didn’t think was possible,” said Kurish, whose family is from Philadelphia. “Being on the field was pretty cool. They usually don’t let anyone touch the grass but they took me out on to it for the presentation. Just one of the little things that shows it’s pretty special.”

“It was really an honor to be surrounded and congratulated by so many people that I have looked up to for so long, such as (Phillies’ broadcasters) Tom McCarthy, Scott Franzke, and Jim Jackson. Those guys have been my idols, and to have them provide such a perfect evening was absolutely incredible.

Shortly after Kalas died in 2009, the Phillies and their broadcasters established the award in his name. Kalas received the Ford C. Frick Award from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.

“Winning an award with Harry Kalas’ name on it is the biggest honor of all. Harry was my hero, and I’m thrilled to have won this award that honors his legacy,” Kurish said. “I certainly didn’t win this award alone. I couldn’t have done it without my friend and broadcast partner Pat Andrews, who has been there every step of way at WEXP (La Salle’s radio station). Dawn Wanner, our advisor at WEXP, has given us the freedom and guidance for everything we do. Danielle Ferrari, who was our GM last year, it was her passion and love for WEXP that made me get involved with the station in the first place. Last, but not least, is Brother Gerry Molyneaux (a communication professor) who has pushed me and given me the confidence to achieve everything I’ve been working towards.”

“I was given a pass to go into the booths during the game. I was in the TV and radio booths while they were broadcasting. It was really cool to see how everything was done. I was actually very surprised at how laid back the whole production was. I was really worried about disrupting them but it wasn’t really like that at all,” said Kurish, who is now interning with the Philadelphia Eagles in the team’s video department.




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