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La Salle Students Spend Day on Wall Street

April 25, 2013

La Salle Students Spend Day on Wall Street
La Salle students had the opportunity to visit the New York Stock Exchange and visit with alumnus Reginald Browne, ’93, Managing Director at Knight Equity.

A group of La Salle University business students recently had the opportunity to spend the day on Wall Street, visiting the New York Stock Exchange and Knight Equity, where they met with alumnus Reginald Browne, ’93.

In recent years, Browne, Managing Director at Knight Equity, has been very involved with La Salle’s Career and Employment Services office, mentoring students considering a career on Wall Street. Last fall, Browne participated in the successful “The Path to Wall Street” alumni panel, where he gave the more than 100 students in attendance an insider’s perspective on getting a job on Wall Street. As a follow up to the panel, Browne arranged for 22 La Salle students to have a hands-on, interactive visit to the heart of Wall Street.

“It is my responsibility to give back as much as I can as an alumnus,” Browne said. “I have been very fortunate in my career, and I want to help open a pathway for La Salle students and their future careers.”

Students began their day with a tour of the New York Stock Exchange, where they were given a lesson about the history and the international impact of the financial markets. Throughout the morning, students met with Knight Equity employees, who shared the ins and outs of working on Wall Street—the competitive nature and intensity of the job as well as its rewards.

“I wanted to give the students the opportunity to walk through the Stock Exchange’s trading floor and to interact with traders and market-makers,” Browne said. “The students were able to feel the pace, energy, and high level of personal commitment it takes to perform with excellence in the world’s most important financial marketplace. I hope this leads to a greater La Salle alumni presence on Wall Street.”

Over lunch on one of the Stock Exchange’s executive floors, Browne spoke about his own success and shared three characteristics he believes are necessary for success—integrity, honesty, and drive. “If there is one piece of advice I can give students, it is to always work hard and prove you have value to contribute,” he said.

“Actually standing on the trading floor was such an amazing experience, one that I will not forget,” said Olivia Mulholland, a freshman BS/MBA student. “This trip has directly affected my career planning by not only confirming that I want to work in business, but also by helping me better understand the importance of building relationships and networking. Mr. Browne, in particular, encouraged me to work even harder and strive for everything I want in a career.”

“A visit to the New York Stock Exchange is special under any circumstances, but to do so as the guest of a La Salle alumnus made it even more special,” said Stephen McGonigle, ’72, Executive Director of La Salle’s Career and Employment Services. “To know that Reggie sat in the same classrooms, had some of the same professors, and continues to have a strong, warm feeling for those who helped him during his time at La Salle meant a great deal to the students in attendance. It demonstrated to them, ‘This can be me one day.’”


Students Visit Reginald Browne, '93, Managing Director at Knight Equity
During their visit, the students met with alumnus Reginald Browne, '93, Managing Director at Knight Equity.



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