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That’s the Spirit! La Salle Senior Kasey Haines Called ABA Team Owner to Procure Internship This Summer

July 28, 2014

La Salle University senior Kasey Haines dislikes applying for jobs and internships by e-mailing resumes, so she obtained the phone number for the owner of the Philadelphia Spirit, a new team in the American Basketball Association, and called him. The strategy worked, and she’s now interning this summer with the team.

“How I came to work for the ABA Philly Spirit is kind of complicated, and seems like fate,” said Haines, who oversees social media projects and assists with Web design work.

“I called team owner Troy Oglesby and said I saw internship opportunities on the team’s website,” recalled Haines, who is a Digital Arts and Multimedia Design major at La Salle. She said she doesn’t remember exactly how she got his number.

“I was really lucky to talk with him. I absolutely hate sending in applications to jobs because I feel like they get lost in an internet vortex never to be reviewed by anyone,” said Haines, who is from Burlington Township, NJ. “He wasn’t necessarily seeking young interns on his team, but I was persistent with telling him what I learned at La Salle. We spoke several times, and he was interested in what I knew when it came to web design and social media, and he filled out the forms to get my internship finalized.”

Haines’ father knew Darryl Gladden, the Spirit’s head coach, who played college basketball at La Salle.  She called Gladden, and thinks he might have given her Oglesby’s cell phone number.

“When I talked on the phone with Oglesby, we both were on the same page when it came to passion about this new franchise, and we got along very well. I already felt like I knew him,” said Haines.  “Eventually, I had a few phone interviews and then conference calls with the team’s IT director Byron Gray, and they chose to add me to the team before (having) an in-person meeting.”

Oglesby said he didn’t know Haines’ father was friends with the Spirit’s coach until after she began her internship.

“Right now I am the social media coordinator for the Spirit, and I also work on their web design with Gray,” said Haines. “Much of this is new to me, but it is so important to me that I work at a professional level.”

“Problem solving is a major part of this job, so I am glad I took an interest in philosophy and critical thinking at La Salle,” she said.

“She’s done an outstanding job,” said Oglesby, who talks with Haines once a week about the team’s social media projects. “She adapts very well. We had a pixel problem that she fixed right away, and she’s already conducted one webinar,” he said.

“At our player tryouts, she had twitter posts go out immediately to our sponsors and followers,” said Oglesby, who is Managing Member of Troy’s Treasure LLC, which operates a fast-food franchise, manages Grammy Award-winning music groups, produces TV shows, and is a marketing and booking agent for several NFL players.

Growing up, Haines thought she would like to be a traditional artist. She taught herself to draw, and still does, but wondered if art could be a viable career.

“I always thought I would end up as a starving artist, but I like applying my design skills in this way so much more,” she said. But after messing around with video editing and Web design in high school, I realized that those natural art skills can be applied in any medium. Just to make art in general is something I am fortunate to be able to do and am very passionate about.”

Haines works primarily from home, but when the season starts she will attend games and document the team’s progress on social media. Other duties will include taking pictures and creating flyers. She has met with Gladden, the team and other Spirit employees.

“I will be at every home game and if they want me at an away game I would be glad to go. I will follow where my responsibilities take me,” she said with a laugh.

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