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School of Nursing and Health Sciences at La Salle University Receives $100,000 in Funding from the Wyss Center for Innovation

February 1, 2017

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences at La Salle University is the recipient of a $100,000 grant from the Wyss Center for Innovation. The funding supports expanding the University’s Mature Health Connections program of the Neighborhood Nursing Center. Since the fall of 2011, Mature Health Connections has reached nearly 8,000 adults in underserved communities through education, screening, and immunization activities. The Neighborhood Nursing Center is a community-based wellness center managed by La Salle staff and faculty, with services implemented by undergraduate and graduate student nurses. The Center has a 25-year history of providing public health nursing and social services to at-risk, low-income populations.

“Through expanding the Mature Health Connections program, we hope to build on the successes and increase the impact of the Neighborhood Nursing Center to reach even more vulnerable mature and older adults,” said Denise Nagle Bailey, Ed.D., M.Ed., MSN, RN, CSN, director of the La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center at La Salle University. “Northwest Philadelphia and its surrounding suburban neighborhoods have a higher percentage of older adults, many of whom are underinsured. By increasing our presence in these locations, we hope to better serve those communities by providing essential public health services.”

Kathleen Czekanski, Ph.D., RN, CNE, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, added: “We are grateful to the Wyss Center for Innovation for recognizing the impact the program can have on these lives.”

The overall goals of Mature Health Connections are: to educate residents about their health risks and benefits with health education and health promotion that promotes self-care; provide screenings to guide individuals in their community toward timely follow-up care; and connect individuals and families with medical and other health resources in their community.

The Wyss Center for Innovation was established by Hansjörg Wyss and is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting innovative lasting solutions that improve lives and empower communities.


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