Academic Advising

To help ensure a smooth transition into college, all La Salle students are assigned an adviser who will help guide and mentor them throughout their time at La Salle. For undergraduate students, their adviser will typically be a faculty member. For MBA students, the Program Director will advise them.

Advising is provided on:

  • Course selection
    • Faculty advisers, department chairs, or MBA Program Directors advise students at registration time in course selection for the upcoming semester.
    • The Assistant Dean of the School of Business, Susan Mudrick, advises students who: transferred into the School of Business from another college or university or another school within La Salle; are seeking approval to take courses at another college or university to transfer back to La Salle; are interested in studying abroad; or are on probation or suspension.
    • Students who have been accepted into and are enrolled in the University Honors Program are advised by the Honors Program Director.
  • Majors and career options
    • Department chairs and other School of Business faculty are available to advise on possible majors and/or possible career paths.
    • La Salle’s Office of Career Services also employ professional career counselors who have many major and career resources available to students.
  • Academic learning support
    • La Salle’s Academic Support Programs and Services (ASPS) provide students with a variety of programs and services to complement classroom instruction. All students are encouraged to contact ASPS if they are looking for some additional support or resources to help them succeed.
  • Study abroad
    • For general information or for answers to student life questions about studying abroad, students are encouraged to contact La Salle’s Study Abroad Office.
    • For academic-related information regarding studying abroad, students can contact La Salle School of Business Assistant Dean Susan Mudrick.
  • Personal issues
    • At La Salle, we are a community thatcares about each individual. Students who are dealing with personal issues that they are not comfortable speaking with their adviser or Program Director about are encouraged to contact La Salle’s Student Counseling Center.