Alumni and Faculty Opportunities

The La Salle Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) also provides support and engagement opportunities for alumni and faculty.

Business Mentoring Support for Alumni and Faculty

The Center for Entrepreneurship can tailor a program that meets your business development needs, such as:

  • Working directly with the Center’s Executive Director and faculty on a business concept or collecting advice.
  • Getting student assistance with market research, product development, business planning, or other activities.
  • Accessing the extensive La Salle Entrepreneurs Network of experienced business professionals, investors, legal counsel, and providers of professional services.

Opportunities to Work with Students

Experienced professionals can give back to their alma mater by volunteering as:

  • Guest lecturers who talk to students about their entrepreneurial experiences, lessons learned, and advice for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Mentors who work directly with students on their entrepreneurial projects and career pursuits.


Steve Melick Director
La Salle Center for Entrepreneurship
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