Strategic Thinking Through Integrating Discipline-Specific Business Knowledge

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • integrate business disciplines to achieve strategic objectives
  • identify and evaluate the usefulness of various competitive strategies (e.g., adaptive, market entry, positioning) that firms use within domestic and global markets

Leadership Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • identify and analyze current leadership style and the ability to develop and enhance leadership skills
  • work effectively and collaboratively in a team

Business-Related Oral and Written Communication Skills

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • prepare and deliver a professional presentation on a business issue
  • write a clear, concise, and well-organized professional presentation of a business issue

Awareness of How the Business Environment Influences Decision-Making

Students will demonstrate:

  • the ability to identify and analyze ethical and legal business dilemmas and the ability to recommend and defend appropriate solutions and strategies
  • an understanding of how cultural, economic, and political factors shape the management of global business

Knowledge and Skill Concerning Financial Analysis, Reporting, and Markets

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate the financial position of for-profit organizations through the examination of financial information contained in balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and footnotes, as well as information gathered from other sources (such as public filings, business news publications, and Web sites) in order to enable stakeholders (management, shareholders, creditors, etc.) to understand a firm’s progress in maximizing its value to stakeholders .