Accounting is often considered the “language of business,” because it is the core of any business organization. Accountants are responsible for communicating and interpreting financial information as a basis for strategic decision-making.

La Salle’s Accounting program is designed to help students succeed within this vital discipline. Because almost all organizations need accounting information, there are many job possibilities for accounting graduates. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), internal auditors, bankers, financial planners, merger and acquisition consultants, and tax planners are just some of the possible career paths.

Here’s why to consider Lasallian Business:

  • We recognize that today’s graduates need to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. In addition to expert business knowledge, students need the broad perspectives and critical-thinking skills cultivated by a liberal arts education.
  • Our professors are teachers, mentors, and scholars. Not only are they experts in their fields, but they are also passionate about teaching and mentoring. Students are not a number at La Salle—professors take the time to learn each student’s name and where they want to go.
  • Unlike other schools, La Salle students do not wait until their junior year to take business courses. They will plunge into the business curriculum as early as freshman year. By sophomore year, they will be ready for courses in their major.
  • Students interested in becoming a CPA can meet the 150-credit requirement through our Four-Year BS/MBA program, which is the only one in the Philadelphia region.
  • Because our professors are connected with businesses around the globe, they are savvy about the challenges and innovations in play in the marketplace. Our graduates leave La Salle ready to perform.