Business Systems and Analytics

The business leaders of tomorrow face an exciting challenge. To innovate and prosper, they need to solve problems and make informed decisions. Just as important, they need to manage technology and data.

La Salle’s new program in Business Systems and Analytics prepares students to do both. It prepares them for careers as business intelligence analysts, business applications consultants, data warehousing specialists, and sports analytics managers, to name a few.

Business systems and analytics, which reflects an emerging trend in business information technology, provides students with a practical and theoretical understanding of applying information systems and analytics to enhance effective problem solving and decision making. Business systems and analytics integrates technology and quantitative methods to capture data reliably and create relevant information for decision making that yields strong organizational performance and competitiveness in the global economy.

The application of business analytics is essential in all areas of business, including: human resource management, financial management, consumer behavior, customer relationship management, sales and marketing, risk management, real estate investment, and supply chain management.

Why choose Lasallian Business?

  • Our curriculum recognizes that every informed business decision is powered by good data and efficient information systems. In courses that mix data analytics skills (e.g., data mining) with information systems, students will learn to make the most of data and business systems.
  • Students learn from faculty who believe in each person’s potential. Our faculty members are teachers, scholars, and mentors. As a result, each are armed with the experience and dedication to help each student achieve their goals.
  • Our program capitalizes on the city of Philadelphia’s lively business scene. Students venture into the business world to work side by side with professionals who are harvesting data, analyzing its import, and using it to make informed decisions.
  • Business leaders are frequent guests in our classrooms, which allows them to share their real-world experience and insight with students.
  • Our program focuses heavily on the blend of theory and practice. Our graduates leave La Salle with the technical, analytical, and managerial skills to collect, manage, and analyze data. They will know how to make informed decisions efficiently and effectively.


Madjid Tavana, Ph.D. Professor and Chair
Business Systems and Analytics
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