Course Requirements

Requirements for major in international business: 4 courses (5 for risk management insurance minors), plus an international experience(s) as follows:

Four Courses—3 from Category A and 1 from Category B, or 4 from Category A*:

Category A:

  • BUS 300
  • ECN 331 OR ECN 333
  • FIN 403
  • MGT 356**
  • MKT 305**
  • Any School of Business-sponsored travel/study course**

Category B:

  • ECN 276 (cross-listed as HIS/POL 276)
  • ECN 330
  • ECN 332 (cross-listed as HIS/POL 332)
  • POL 240
  • EDC 218

* RMI minors take 3 from A and 2 from B, or 4 from A and 1 from B.
** These courses can be counted toward either the primary major or the international business major, but not both. Finance, management and leadership, business systems and analytics, and marketing majors need nine courses altogether (five in their primary major and four in international business). Accounting majors need 12 courses altogether (eight in accounting and four in international business).

International Experience Requirement can be met by any of the following***:

  • Study abroad
  • Two travel/study courses (these can be business or non-business courses)
  • An approved internship/co-op in another country
  • One travel/study course, plus a domestic co-op or internship with a significant international component

*** Other significant international experience will be considered upon application to the Program Director.


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