David B. Jones, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Marketing 215.951.1035

What Professor Jones enjoys most about his classes are the interactive discussions and working with students outside the classroom.  One of the great aspects of Marketing is that it touches students’ lives every day and this helps them understand class concepts through using their own life experiences.  Another key aspect of his job is directing the marketing internship program; through it, he gets to know students, which helps him in matching their interests and skills to different internship and co-op opportunities.  What moves him is most is being a part of the process of students’ combining their work, internship and class experiences into a career path that excites them.  He and his colleagues in the Marketing Department often joke that they aren’t just interested in their students’ career development, they’re obsessed with it.

Jones’ research interests parallel much of his teaching interests: enhancing professional salespeople’s interpersonal skills, the design of targeted promotional communications for maximum impact, and improving nonprofit organizations’ marketing strategies.  For over 30 years he has consulted with for profit and nonprofit organizations in marketing strategy and research, training salesforces and building promotional strategies.  Current research interests involve the use of realtime feedback in training professional salespeople and fostering help seeking.  His consulting experience is particularly useful in giving students real world examples of what would otherwise be just academic concepts.  His other career’ experiences are working in the marketing side of the premium wine industry and as a clinical psychologist with university counseling centers at Virginia Tech and Radford University.

One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is staying in touch with graduates who, in turn, provide opportunities for current students–be it providing internship opportunities, coming to speak to classes and student organizations, or telling about upcoming marketing openings in their organization–that, and perhaps experiences like walking the streets of Paris or Shanghai with his marketing students in one of his travel study courses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Professional Selling  
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Nonprofit Marketing Strategy 


  • Ph.D., Marketing, Virginia Tech
  • MBA, Virginia Tech  
  • M.S., Psychology, Virginia Tech
  • B.A., Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


  • Personal selling
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Promotional Strategy
  • MBA Marketing Strategy 


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Roszkowski, Michael J., Michael J. Baky, and David B. Jones (2005), “Libqual+™ Satisfaction Measures: So Which Score on the LibQual Tells Me if Library Users Are Satisfied? Library & Information Science Research, Vol. 27, Issue 4 (Winter). 

Jones, David B. and Bruce Leauby (2003), “The Synergy Between Accounting and Marketing Professionals, Pennsylvanian CPA Journal, 73, 4, 22-23.



Jones, David B., “Here’s what you did wrong versus ‘Do this now’: The use of real time feedback to enhance sales training,” Academy of Business Disciplines National Conference, November, 2010.

Jones, David B., “Marketing Consultant as Teacher: A Nonprofit Case History,” Academy of Business Disciplines National Conference, November, 2009.

Jones, David B. and James Talaga (2008), “Using market benefit segmentation to identify patron preferences: An empirical study,” Association for Research on Nonprofit and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Annual National Conference, November, 2008.

Professional (ongoing)

Jones, David B., “Basics of Nonprofit Marketing,” day-long seminar for the La Salle Nonprofit Center, 2008, 2009, 2010

Jones, David B., “Advanced Marketing Strategy: Marketing Segmentation,” day-long seminar sponsored by the La Salle Nonprofit Center, 2009, 2010.

Jones, David B., “Introduction to Marketing Research,” day-long master seminar sponsored by the La Salle Nonprofit Center, 2011.



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