Mission and Lasallian Values


La Salle University’s School of Business offers educational programs that prepare students for a purposeful life by integrating Lasallian values with current business management skills. Through its faculty, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and relationships with the greater Philadelphia and national business communities, it provides a value-centered educational community as the locus for its educational programs. Within this context, the School of Business seeks to provide an appropriate blend of contemporary business theory and real-world practice, placing paramount importance on teaching and on learning enriched by scholarly research and professional activity.

Lasallian Values

The Lasallian values outlined here provide a context for both the operating processes of the School of Business and the ethical and behavioral characteristics that we want our students to reflect in both their personal and professional lives.

Dignity of the Individual

Recognizing that each person is created by God, each deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Because of this regard for the individual, the Lasallian value system recognizes that spiritual, intellectual, and professional education go hand in hand.

Primacy of Teaching, A Communal Process

Teaching and learning are the core activities at the University. Around them, an atmosphere of informality and friendliness prevails, creating a strong sense of community. The view that all faculty, administrators, and professional staff are involved in the educational process creates a central focus for the shared learning process and the community-building process.

Practical/Professional Education

Lasallian education has a twofold purpose: 1) a liberal education for a full, purposeful life; and 2) the development of professional knowledge and skills that enable career enhancement. In this context, the Lasallian culture provides for the integration of the theoretical and practical throughout the education process.

Sensitivity to Societal Issues

La Salle prepares students for progressive leadership in their communities and strives to develop in them a sensitivity for ethical and human issues that face society, such as poverty and justice.