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Last Updated Tuesday, April 7, 2009 11:48 PM

Current Issue Articles:
Women's rugby heading to Nationals
"The La Salle women’s rugby team advanced to the Division II national championship tournament with a win on Sunday..." -Mike Rodden

Survey reports decrease in smoking since 2002
"The university’s Health Advisory Committee recently released a survey requesting information about smoking behavior on campus..." -Edwin Mattola

Pancakes served to honor fallen officers
"A pancake breakfast fundraiser was held at Blue and Gold Dining Commons March 28 to honor the memory of Philadelphia police officers killed in the line of duty..." -Lauren McGlone

La Salle community no exception to recession
"Interviews across La Salle's campus indicate that students are left discouraged and broke as a result of the recession..." -Ashley Arnold

Diplomat in Residence Program presents "Crossroads of Empires": Presentation wraps up with "Democracy, Development and Security of Central Asia"
"The Dunleavy room was filled Wednesday with eager students and faculty gathered to hear the Diplomat in Residence Program’s presentation on Democracy, Development, and Security in Central Asia..." -Alexandra Murray

Spread of Islam causing tension in China
"Out of China’s 1.3 billion population, 40 million of them are Muslims..." -Victoria Lee

Kazakhstan making progress, ambassador says
"With an undeniable smile on her face, Byrganym Aitimova said, “Look at me. I’m a [prime] example of [how women fare] in Kazakhstan”..." -Stephen Jiwanmall

IT still wary of Confickr computer virus
"It was no joke that a computer bug, the Confickr virus, was set to hit computers April Fool’s Day..." -Jen McShane

Grady campaign considers itself "one of the front runners" in D.A.. race
"Although polling hasn’t been done since December concerning the race for Philadelphia District Attorney, candidate Brian Grady is feeling optimistic..." -Max Orenstein

Student plays brought to life in one act
"If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a night filled with original student-written and produced work, then look no further than La Salle’s Maverick One Acts..." -Kathryn Bergin

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