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John O'Riordan

A man, but not just a man. He has the heart of a lion, strength of bear, agility of a cat, intelligence of a velociraptor, speed of a cheetah, cunning of a snake and wisdom of an eagle. John is a charming Irish lad hailing from Boston. He loves music and sports, particularly the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and the Manchester City Football Club.

Articles by John:  
  10/4/2006 - Pro vs. Con: affirmative action is necessary in 2006
12/6/2006 - Oasis returns to rock around the clock
2/28/2007 - Jack be nimble
4/18/2007 - Virginia Tech sadly drops ball
4/25/2007 - Kings of Leon album changes with the times
4/25/2007 - Facebook not the way to go
9/12/2007 - Editor has had enough of Comcast
9/12/2007 - Top 10: Film Sequels
9/26/2007 - Uber-hyped PETA ad ultimately dissapointing
10/3/2007 - Making Music with MySpace
10/3/2007 - Ominous autumn has Editor fearing the worst
10/10/2007 - Intelligent comedy shows are getting the last laugh
1/23/2008 - Alpha Chi Rho holds casino night
1/30/2008 - Prehab aims to keep child stars from going to the real thing
2/6/2008 - Top 10 Video Game Characters
2/13/2008 - The scine of losing sleep
2/20/2008 - Writer set to return, but has anything been solved?
2/27/2008 - Dancing solves problems
2/27/2008 - Dexter creepy; enthralling
2/27/2008 - Editor's family tradition: Inherit the mind
3/19/2008 - Top 10 Front Men
4/9/2008 - Editor consoles Ratconteurs fans
4/9/2008 - No more brackets
4/16/2008 - Editor is a big pansy
4/16/2008 - Top 10 list First-Person Shooters
8/28/2008 - The Verve return with nerve

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