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Mandy Bee

Mandy Bee is a young lass of 19, a sophomore who proudly hails from the very great Northeast Philadelphia. She is a psych major and is very content with the fact that she will one day bask in the glow of poverty. She digs tunes, and books, and occasionally even the Collegian. She hopes that she will do what her job title begs of her, and entertain the masses of Lasallians this year.

Articles by Mandy:  
  9/12/2007 - Hookah’d on phonics worked for me...or did it?
9/12/2007 - Classless critics call out Britney’s fitness
9/26/2007 - White Stripes rule, kinda
9/26/2007 - Writer votes Carell for Iranian President
10/17/2007 - Activist preach; don't practice
11/7/2007 - Fashion at La Salle: What's hot this season?
11/14/2007 - Caffeine-free day crashes and burns
1/23/2008 - Professor Randoms
2/6/2008 - Girl scout cookies rock
2/6/2008 - Vampire Weekend at Mandy’s
2/6/2008 - Former student explores religion, love and life
2/13/2008 - Drug addiction no laughing matter
2/20/2008 - Twin matures; prospers thrub
2/27/2008 - Writer not banking on Cody
3/19/2008 - Diggs
3/19/2008 - Writer losing grip on faith
4/2/2008 - Brain Trust Misery fails to hit
4/2/2008 - Diggs
4/9/2008 - The domination of Live Nation
4/9/2008 - Writer finds home in coffee shop
4/16/2008 - Writer still petrified by The Exorcist after all these years
4/16/2008 - Tune in to the newest tunes
4/16/2008 - Digs
4/16/2008 - Group discusses what it's like to be at La Salle
8/28/2008 - Summer hits smash box office
8/28/2008 - The Rhumb Line is Ra Ra Rockin'

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