Lynne Texter, Ph.D., Department Chair
Lynne Texter, Ph.D., Department Chair

Lynne Texter, Ph.D., Department Chair

B.S. Ithaca College
M.S. Syracuse University
Ph.D. University of Buffalo

Always wanting to do at least one big, challenging thing each year, our department Chair, Lynne Texter, hopped on her bike this past summer and completed a 50-day bicycle journey across the U.S. from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. That’s 3,700 miles, 10 states, two countries, and some really big hills along the way.

When not out on her bike or fulfilling the many duties of department Chair, Lynne teaches Persuasion, Public Relations, and Effective Presentations, where she is passionate about helping students understand how to most effectively communicate their ideas and opinions to achieve their personal and professional goals.

A winner of the Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching in addition to several other teaching awards, Lynne is a native of Rochester, N.Y., and she consults with a variety of corporations and nonprofit organizations. She has also participated in a number of conferences and lectures across the U.S. as well as in France, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Switzerland.

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