Collegian Newspaper: Write the Headline

Collegian Newspaper
At a Glance

  • School newspaper
  • Weekly distribution
  • 40-plus writers and editors
  • Topics include global and local news, features, commentary, politics, entertainment, sports, and more
  • Job placement includes Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and more

If you’ve dreamed of being Tom Brokaw, Jon Stewart, or Rick Reilly, recited ESPN highlights in the shower, or thought about investigating foreign wars or domestic scandals, journalism is the major for you. And at La Salle’s Collegian newspaper, you can learn the tools you need to make it in this challenging and rewarding profession.

Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you can write for the newspaper, take photos, or try your hand at editing. The Collegian staff covers an array of topics, including:

  • Global, Philadelphia-area, and campus news
  • Politics
  • Opinion pieces
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Social and economic issues

Real-world experience doesn’t get much better than this.