Internship Program Overview: You Need One—And We Can Help

Inside the Numbers*

  • 62 percent of new employees had internship experience
  • 31 percent came from their own internship programs
  • 23 percent of interned graduates had jobs waiting
  • Paid internships averaged $16 to $18 per hour

* According to reports from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)on from 2009, one of the most difficult years for college graduates in decades

It’s no secret: Internships are today’s job prerequisites.

Simply put, employers want to hire graduates with real-world, hands-on, been-there-done-that experience—especially in today’s competitive job market. Internships allow students to apply what’s learned in the classroom to what’s (actually) used in the field. And, no promises, but most of them are fun and exciting (and some of them are actually paid).

The Internship Program at La Salle: We Have the Connections

Philadelphia is a top-10 media market, has four major sports teams, generates nationally read newspapers and magazines, and is home to countless TV and radio stations, public relations firms, and creative agencies. The region hosts renowned hospital systems, offices for the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and headquarters for internationally known corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Needless to say, there are an infinite amount of possibilities for aspiring communication professionals, and with La Salle’s internship connections, you have the opportunity to be right in the thick of the action.

La Salle communication majors constantly leverage relationships our faculty and department have built with organizations for more than 25 years. We partner with organizations that offer mutually beneficial internship programs whereby the organization can utilize another set of hands, while our students learn daily in challenging positions. (Getting coffee for the staff is not a “challenging” activity in our minds).

Sample internships include those at Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, and the Philadelphia Eagles, to name a few. And our reach has spread so far that we’ve had an intern work at the White House.

There’s no better way to gain experience, build your resume, and expand your network of contacts than through the internship program at La Salle. We invite you to explore the opportunities and contact us with any questions or to receive more information.

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