Volunteering: Opportunities for You and Us

Our department has worked exclusively with communication alums to keep close relationships and a tight circle. From our LinkedIn group to alumni events to our Alumni Advisory Board, communication alums can network, share professional best practices, take advantage of job opportunities, and help current students and faculty in a variety of ways.

Volunteering with La Salle’s Communication Department can also help you reconnect with classmates, develop new relationships with fellow alumni, interact with current students, and, most importantly, help shape the department’s future.

Here are some of the ways alumni can volunteer their time:

  • Review current students’ resumes and conduct practice interviews
  • Sit on career development and parent information panels
  • Speak with students about communication careers
  • Visit classes as a guest speaker or panelist on a communication-related topic
  • Have students intern at your workplace
  • Become part of the Alumni Advisory Board

You have a lot to offer, and we want to hear from you! Please contact us to get more details on how you can get involved.