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Design is the driving force behind La Salle’s digital arts program. The program offers students  opportunities to become professional designers in print and web graphics, animation, synthetic virtual environments and audio/video storytelling. At the heart of the program is the belief that designers have a special role to play in making the world a better place with their work.

Our labs provide both the Windows and Mac programs and by using a broad range of software programs students learn to direct the design and development of digital media products.

Beginning majors start by enrolling in core courses that introduce them to a full spectrum of digital media while the advanced students pursue specific technical skills that fit their interests. Before graduating all senior students work with outside clients to learn how to define a project, how to select digital tools and direct and contribute to their team that will develop the project.

One foundation of the program is the computer science that makes digital design unique. It is one of three fundamental areas of our students’ practice and enables them to create their most original work. Required courses teach students menu driven instructions used in standard applications (such as Photoshop and Illustrator) and also exposes them to writing code using languages such as Java, HTML and C++.

Developing our students’ ability to create and to elaborate stories is fundamental to time-based design. Producing graphic novels includes writing and illustrating books or a game design, music composition, or video. The “start-to-finish” approach we teach helps students to grasp the design of narrative structures as well as learn the skills to produce complex projects.

Creative, expressive and meaningful visual form is the third area of study. Students develop a personal style of visualization as they create art and design that shapes their style and practice. Courses in the fundamentals of visual design, figure drawing, photography, color theory and typography provide students with foundation skills that eventually leads to their unique place in the of digital arts field.