DART - Digital Arts and Multimedia Design

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Science Festival

From April 1-30, 2011 at the TRUST Gallery, located at 249 Arch St downtown Philadelphia the Dart program contributed artworks based on the idea of DNA.

Dart Fest

In the Spring semester the DArt program in conjunction with the La Salle Art Museum showcase the best student work of that year.

The Explorer Connection

The Explorer Connection engages the La Salle community in cross-disciplinary exploration by exposing Lasallians to diverse perspectives and fostering an environment where inquiry, innovation, active participation, and self-reflection are encouraged.

Sustainable Development

The long term goal for the symposium is to establish itself as a permanent entity in Philadelphia as the city continues to lead the nation in environmentally. socially and economically sustainable thinking. The symposium itself aims to be a sought source of ideas for sustainable development thinking and action.


"DIGit is a digital media exposition, sponsored by the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, that encourages creative and technical excellence and experimentation among individual artists and small groups working with digital tools."


The La Salle digital arts senior team of Andre Bickley, Christine bernard, Logan Nguy, Sal Sansone, Matthew Neski, and Jason Hulse were approached with a project for our senior capstone class that consisted of working with Jake Gordon of Coopers Ferry and the Camden Special Services District to redesign Camden and the way people view it.