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Aerial view of "Belfield Compound" c. 1930. College Hall and 20th St. are at the bottom edge.

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This photograph is the earliest known one of the building most recently used by La Salle as a Japanese Tea Ceeremony House. This building may predate 1731.
The house "Wister," built by William Rotch Wister and Mary Rebecca Eustis Wister in 1876, was torn down in 1956. The pillar marking its entrance drive can still be seen on Wister Street.
A security office is now what was once the Belfield barn, rebuilt in 1907 after a fire. This letter described the fire and the family fleeing the main Belfield House in "Pajambas"
Belfield Mansion (or "Peale House") about 1890
Belfield Mansion (or "Peale House")

Jones Wister
La Salle's Fine Arts Studio was built for William Rotch Wister and Mary Rebecca Eustis Wister in 1868. Jones Wister and other family members later lived there.

The Belfield Cricket Club was located where the Connelly Library now stands

This house on now-gone Cottage Lane was built at the end of the 19th century and later lived in by Sarah Logan Wister Starr and James Starr. La Salle students lived in for a time in the 1960s (calling it "The Mansion") before the house was torn down in 1968 to expand parking.
Jones Wister

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